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Why support us?

e-Sports has through several years experienced exponential growth, and the industry is now to be taken seriously among international brands.

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Our vision

What do we want to achieve, why are we here? What is our vision and mission and where do we want to move towards in the future?

Vision Gaming

What are we?

Fragsters is about helping eSport talents achieve success

By coaching and financing young talents to become great eSport athletes.

Fragsters can offer development and unity by connecting charismatic leaders, skilled game coaches and players with the financial stability needed to succeed.

Our goal is to support the competitive e-sport scene emerge into a professional industry where it's possible to achieve financial support and commitment from sponsors who see this development and target group as commercially interesting.

What is eSports? This is e-Sports

Who is behind?

The founders of Fragsters is a professional team with more than 20 years of combined business and corporate management experience within IT, online marketing and sales at your disposal.

In addition to business qualifications, the founders have been involved in the growth of e-Sports since the release of the original version Counter-Strike (1999), having attended numerous tournaments as spectators and watched the industry grow throughout the past decades.

This long time dedication is the driving factor behind the vision of Fragsters.

Morten Beutelmann

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Kenneth Goldy

Finance & eSport

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