Fragsters partners with Vision Gaming

Today we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the successful Danish IT company MM-vision A / S, which is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of tailor-made PCs for both private and business. The partnership will ensure better conditions for Danish Esports talents, ensure further legitimacy of Esport and at the same time create commercial value for MM vision.

At MM Vision we are extremely pleased to be able to participate in this collaboration. Ever since the start of MM Vision, it has meant a lot for us to “give back” to the Danish gaming industry, and through Fragsters we see some amazing opportunities to contribute to the continued development of some of Denmark’s greatest talent in Esport. At the same time, MM Vision has a strong gaming brand, in the form of Vision Gaming, as we have a desire to reach even broader and develop further. With the new collaboration, we are able to provide unique insight and sparring with an audience that is becoming increasingly difficult and difficult to hit through traditional advertising and, of course, the agreement is also interesting for us with commercial eyes, says Martin Persson, Sales & Marketing Manager at MM-Vision.

Throughout this partnership, it is our experience that Fragsters is the ideal choice as a collaborator, as we have many values ​​in common. At MM Vision, we have always prioritized to work professionally and on every customer where we at Fragsters experience an organization that takes care of each young talent and professionally develops each player’s skills – both in the technical and personal plan. We believe that this approach gives the talents the best prerequisites for coping with the extremely tough competition within e-sports and that it will result in players who develop to be good previews for young Danish gamers “A job we are really proud to support,” concludes Persson.

Over the past 9 months, Fragsters has grown exponentially, employing 24 e-sports talents and employees with a broad field of expertise and specialist knowledge in e-sports, strategic consulting, brand activation, PR, social media, content production and much more.

Our vision is to become the preferred Esports partner in the Nordic region, and the partnership with a successful Danish IT company like MM vision is an important step towards our journey towards that goal. The partnership gives us even better opportunity to support and develop our e-sport talents and their dream of becoming full-time professionals, which is part of our mission, says Morten Beutelmann, Partner at Fragsters.

With Danish core values ​​like innovation, quality and strong culture, Fragsters mission is to be the preferred partner for young Esports talents with a dream of becoming full-time Esports stars. At the same time, Fragsters will be the preferred partner for companies aiming at increased awareness, interest and loyalty among the highly-growing tech-interested e-sports audience who are virtually impossible to expose through classic media and use ad-blockers online.

In addition to strong sports results, in 2016, we have also achieved valuable partnerships with Steelseries, a worldwide manufacturer of professional equipment for gamers and BetOnFinance, a company for the gaming enthusiasts with interest in stocks, as well as legal guidance and consultancy from Dahl Advocates and PWC. We feel we can be proud of the year of our establishment and are proud of the amazing reception and enthusiasm we have been met from all sides, says Kenneth Goldy, Partner at Fragsters.