Fragsters and DriveNow enters partnership

How do you simplify the transport of the capital and create value for generation Z and X? Developing a concept where the capital’s residents can drive where in the city they want whenever they want, in a luxury BMW at a fixed price per minute, so they do not have to think about parking tickets, if the insurance is paid for, air in the tires, if you forgot to check the oil and sprinklers, if gasoline prices rise, if the loss of value becomes large when you sell and so on?

Morten Jakobsen, Country Manager at DriveNow, explains why they have chosen to work with Fragsters and what they expect to get out of it

“The majority of DriveNow’s most active users are young men – a segment that also affects Esport’s practitioners and fans. Therefore, we see great potential in joining Fragters, thus helping to spread the knowledge of both Esport and city car concepts. “

“The typical eSport viewer belongs to a generation where digital development is a natural part of everyday life, and they have the courage to do things in a different way. For example, it’s very few youngsters who imagine spending money on having their own car if there is a possibility to use a city car when needed. Therefore, we also believe that there is a common interest between Esport fans and the users of DriveNow. “

“The eSport scene in Denmark is still only at its very beginning. But in spite of that, we have already seen great results from Danish teams who have gained worldwide attention. At DriveNow, we are convinced that Fragters are one of those who can lift the eSport scene to the next level in Denmark, and we really want to back this up. “Morten Jakobsen concludes.

Even though a product covers an increasing need and an increasing community trend in the market, there is a need to be present on time, right place and with the right message to achieve success. A new report from Index Denmark / Gallup shows that 48.7% of all men aged 19-34 are using adblockers on the computer and with a dramatically decreasing traditional TV show in the segment, this group is virtually impossible to hit through traditional media.

Morten Beutelmann, responsible for brand activation and partner at Fragsters says

“At Fragsters, we are incredibly proud that DriveNow has chosen to enter into partnership with us, it is a huge thing for all the hard work and professionalism that permeates the entire organization. We look forward to activating players and creating engaging content with DriveNow – the first example of this can already be seen in an advertisement with Magnus “Frøslev” Frøslev, Martin “Stavn” Lund and Nicolai “Torben iorden” Amorim” .

– The advertisement can be experienced in the buses in the Capital Region, online and in rotation on our own TV channel on Twitch, FragstersTV, and of course on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Over the past few years, Fragsters has grown exponentially and currently employs nearly 20 Esport talents and enthusiasts with a broad field of expertise and specialist knowledge within Esport, strategic consulting, fire activation, events, PR, social media, content production and much more.

With Danish core values ​​like innovation, quality and culture, Fragsters mission is to be the preferred partner for Esport talents with a dream of becoming Esport stars. At the same time, Fragsters wants to become the preferred partner for companies with a goal of increased awareness and preference among the highly-expanding tech audience found within Esport.

In addition to strong sporting achievements, including winning a number of Danish events including the first official Danish championship in Counter-Strike in April 2017, Fragsters has achieved valuable partnerships in recent years, including MM vision, which is Denmark’s largest PC producer, in addition to legal advice and consultancy services from Dahl Advocates of Contractual Relations and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) within tax and auditing.

For more information and potential cooperation, please contact:

Morten Vogelius, Business & Media Partner at Fragsters.
Kenneth Goldy, Finance & Esport Partner at Fragsters.

Fragsters is founded by a professional team with over 20 years of experience in IT, online marketing, sales and management.

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