Fragsters launch worlds first personal Esports documentary in 15 episodes

“I’m dreaming about becoming the world’s best Counter-Strike player,” says 15-year-old Martin “Stavn” Lund, who is at his last year at elementary school. In addition to going to school he plays at the Danish professional Counter-Strike team, Fragsters.

Since autumn 2017 and up to now, DR Ultra has followed Martin in his most difficult decision. – Should he start at high school after the summer vacation, or will he pursue his dream of becoming a full-time professional gamer?

Gaming is big in the world of many teenagers, and according to statistics from DR media development, 96% of Danish 13-19 year old boys play computer games on PC or console and half of them play daily. That’s why DR and Fragsters in collaboration made a personal portrait of one of the world’s biggest Counter-Strike talents, Martin, whom viewers can identify at eye level, and this is actually the world’s first personal Esport documentary in 15 episodes.

Photo by Santeri Rosenvall

“E-sport is a huge and important part of a lot of Danish children and young people’s everyday lives. CS: GO is today a competitor and spectator sport, where players are idols on the same level as all other sports. That’s why it was obvious for us to make a series about CS: GO and one of Denmark’s upcoming stars. It will be relatable to a lot of people and at the same time help to start a dialogue about whether to pursue their talents or fulfill the expectations of others” says DR Ultras facts and news editor Christoffer Viskum Ebbesen.

At Fragsters we are proud of the documentary, which has filled a lot for both Martin and the staff and leadership.

“You do not just record a 9-month documentary in 15 episodes with one of Denmark’s busiest 15-year-olds, so it has required blood, sweat and tears at times, both for Martin and the management to get various calendars to sync at a higher level, but when you see the final result, one can only be proud that it’s been as good as it is and we hope the content can inspire a number of new talents to strive for the absolute Esports elite over the next few years, “says a satisfied Kenneth Goldy, Director of Esport operations at Fragsters.

The series about Martin “stavn” Lund comes in 15 episodes with 5 new every Monday the rest of May:

DR focuses on online content

DR has produced the Martin series based on an “online first” mindset, where DR’s online streaming service DRTV and Youtube will be the supportive media. This is due, among other things, to statistics from DR’s media development, which shows that, just over 5 years ago, 84% of the teenagers has watched a traditional TV channel over a week, while only 57% watched in 2017 and the numbers continued to decline.

Huge Esport events in both Odense and Copenhagen

ESL Pro League in Counter Strike held in 2017 at Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense received more than 5,000 fans on each of the 3 event days and is already written in the history books as the fastest-selling international Counter-strike event ever in the world, it shows something about the interest in Denmark. Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense also holds the ESL Pro League in 2018 and 2019.

The Nordic countries experience the same trend as Denmark

According to Mediavision, which has conducted a major Nordic analysis of the gaming and gaming usage of Youtube (Youtube and Twitch) of the young Esport viewers, 2017 viewers have averaged 100 minutes a day on the genre, an increase of 20 minutes since 2016.
About 650,000 from the Nordics watch Esport / gaming on an average day on either Youtube, Twitch or Facebook.