Fragsters release Overwatch team

Today Fragsters announce the release of the current Overwatch team. Together we have agreed not to continue our cooperation for 2017 and the team will be released from their contracts with immediate effect. 

For the time being, Fragsters choose to focus on the more established gaming scenes and the talented e-athletes from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. On behalf of staff and management, Fragsters wish the players and team manager David Pella, all the best in the future. Their contribution to Fragsters is highly appreciated.

“Fragsters is about helping young e-sport talents succeed and we think in many ways that the Overwatch team has come a long way since they joined Fragsters, and we are proud that they are now ranked 6th in EU and 28 in the world, according to gosugamers. We have no doubt that if they continue together, we may very well see them in the big world arenas sometime soon”, Brand & Media Manager, Morten Beutelmann says.”

We also reached out to Eskil “Hunni” Kinnunen Keller-Larsen for at statement:

“We would like to thank the organization Fragsters for all they have done for us, and they have without a doubt supported us and helped our growth in the last 4 months we’ve cooperated. With that said all good things must come to an end and we therefore announce our departure from Fragsters. The team will stay together and will also attend the upcoming offline event in Paris either as “Grand Danois” or under a new name if we find financial support, which will be streamed on French national TV and on streaming site

We will by today also look for a new permanent home, who can support our continuing growth in our path to become professionals. We have all been very satisfied by our time in Fragsters, but as the international eSport scene in Overwatch grew we realized that our goals did not match with the organization. We wish the players and management in Fragsters the best of luck in the future with their CS:GO and League of Legends team, and we will keep cheering for our friends in the organization and continue to show our support”, Hunni ends.”


If you’re interested in a cooporation with the team, please contact David Pella at or Skype: gg.drunkin

Any questions can be addressed to the management, Morten Beutelmann or Kenneth Goldy