Fragsters – the youngest team in Top 25 in Counter-Strike in the world.

With an average age of just 20 years, this weekend, the members of Team Fragsters succeeded in becoming part of the international top division in Counter-Strike after 3 huge victories at a big tournament in Kiev, Ukraine with a $ 100,000 prize pool.


Fragsters is now the youngest team in Top 25 in Counter-Strike in the world.


Photo by Santeri Rosenvall

Staggering amount of viewers

According to Esports Charts, which collects data from major Esport events, a lot of viewers saw the matches between Danish Fragsters and the Polish legends from Virtus Pro, perhaps surprisingly, one of the games were THE most popular game of the event, even though it was not the final. At its peak 193,399 viewers were simultaneously viewing from the online platforms of American, Youtube and Chinese HuomaoTV. The match was also streamed live in both English, Russian and Chinese with commentators, analysts, etc. As we know it from, for example, football. A total of 3,774,145 hours of content from the tournament in Kiev was watched with an average of 84,496 viewers. In comparison, according to Esport’s Charts, just completed Copenhagen Games in the Bella Center, “only” had 5,990 average viewers and 159,222 hours of video content on Twitch from the main tournament.

Photo by Santeri Rosenvall

Denmark – a global superpower in Counter-strike

Esport is growing heavily, both in Denmark and internationally, especially the game Counter-Strike, which is played heavily. In fact, Denmark is the country in the world with the most professional Counter-Strike players per. inhabitants in the absolute world elite (Top 30 in the world), including current full-time professional teams Astralis, North and Heroic. Denmark has been fighting for honor and glory in Counter-Strike against Sweden over the last two decades, where the matches, with the high number of professionals in the countries, are always exciting to watch.

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Rapid development over several years

Team Fragsters has evolved over the last two years with a clear trend, as shown in the graph below, sports director and partner in Fragsters also expresses the feeling of being in Top30 in the world:


“We are incredibly happy, and at the same time very proud to be among such a strong field of international top teams. Now we’re soon there where things are getting fun. However, it will be even harder to maintain our current ranking than it has been to achieve it. We must continue to work as focused and hard as before and be strong when we experience adversity. Though if we fall out of the top 30, it will only be a matter of time before we come back again. “Says Kenneth Goldy.

Team Fragsters consists of (from left)

Martin ”stavn” Lund who is 16 years old
 Jacob ”dragoNfly” Lund who is 21 years old
 Nicolai ”torben iorden” Amorim who is 22 years old
 Ismail ”refrezh” Ali who is 20 years old
 Lucas ”Bubski” Andersen who is 19 years old

Fragsters team picture April 2018

Fragsters team picture April 2018

Who are Team Fragsters?

Over the past few years, Fragsters has grown exponentially and currently employs nearly 20 Esport talents and enthusiasts with a broad field of expertise and specialist knowledge within Esport, strategic consulting, brand activation, events, PR, social media, content production and much more. With Danish core values such as innovation, quality and culture, Fragsters mission is to be the preferred partner for Esport talents. At the same time, Fragsters wants to be the preferred partner for companies with a goal of increased knowledge and preference among the highly-expanding tech audience found within Esport.

Photo by Santeri Rosenvall

In addition to strong Esport results, Fragsters has acquired valuable partnerships in recent years, including Samsung, DriveNow BMW city cars, MM vision, Denmark’s largest PC producer and Højmark Rejser, in addition to legal advice, contractual relations and consultancy from Dahl Advokater and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) within tax and auditing.

For more information and potential cooperation, please contact:

Morten Vogelius, Business & Media Partner at Fragsters.
Kenneth Goldy, Finance & Esport Partner at Fragsters.

Fragsters is founded by a professional team with over 20 years of combined experience in IT, online marketing, sales and management.

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