Fragsters to DM in CS:GO Århus

Interview and article by Social Media Manager, Nadia Østdal

Amongst 56 teams Fragsters played the qualifier for the official Danish Championship in CS:GO and the 4 team to play, including Fragsters, has been found. The tournament will take place saturday 11/3 in Ceres Park and Arena in Århus, Denmark. Free entry and parking.
Team manager Kenneth Goldy will be there with the team. You are more than welcome to stop by and say hi to him and the team.

The winner of the qualifications finals will qualify to the finals that will be played at Copenhagen Games.

I took the opportunity and interviewed dragoNfly. I asked him about the teams preperation for the tournament but also about their search for a new IGL currently having Netrick as a tryout. Netrick will join the team at the official Danish Championship this weekend. You can read the interview at the end of this article.


Singularity; Lukki, Inzta, AnJ, Ryxxo, Console
Fragsters; dragoNfly, stavn, torben, netrick, fr0slev
eFuture; sycrone, rezex, acoR, SandeN, mertz
FUAH; smF, HECTOz, haste, tabu, Gade, flip1

Schedule: (DA)

11.00: Players arrive
11.30: Doors open for guests (it is free)
11.45: Kulturrådmand Rabih Azad-Ahmad opens the event
12.00: The matches will start
19.00: Finals expected to start

Stream: (DA)


Why did you join fragsters?
I’ve always enjoyed playing competitive CS but I never really played CSGO competitively until the summer of 2016 where we did quite well under the team name “Walkover”. By the end of September Fragsters contacted us and offered us to play for them and they seemed to have pretty much everything we were looking for. I saw a lot of potential in my teammates, and also thought that if I started to work with the game more seriously and spend more hours becoming completely familiar with the everything in CSGO, we could get really good, thus I felt that to join Fragsters was a great opportunity.

The last two LANs you attended you placed 2nd. Is there anything special you guys as a team have been working on that will help u win this event?
I wouldn’t say we’ve been working on anything special. Lately we’ve been working on extending our map-pool since pretty much every team began to exploit that when playing us in BO3s.

What about you personally?
I haven’t done anything special neither – I do what I use to do in order to improve on various aspects of the game and I feel like it’s going well overall. You can always do better or change the ways you are working, and I’m always striving to do better, but I still wouldn’t say that I’ve done anything special compared to other events.

The team is currently tryout-ing 5th players. What are you expecting a new player will do for the team and what qualities are you looking for?
Roughly we are looking for a dedicated IGL with whom we can improve tactically, improve our map-pool and help us spend our practicing time more efficiently.

What is the team expecting from your current tryout Netrick at this tournament since you brought him and what are his forces?
That’s hard to say, we can’t expect too much since we only started playing with him a few days ago. Obviously we have the feeling that he possesses some of the qualities mentioned above. Time will show what will happen.


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