Fragsters won in front of 5,000 gamers

Fragsters – one of Denmark’s best Counter-Strike teams – won the main tournament at NPF – Denmark’s biggest gaming event this weekend. With the credit followed a check of EUR 6,700

Photo by Simon Bjerre

Esport is growing strongly in Denmark and internationally, and in just 4 years (from 2012 to 2016), NPF has grown over 400% in the number of participants at the event in Fredericia.

Like other gaming events, NPF is almost 100% filled up by Millennials ie. Danes born between the 80s and the beginning of year 2000. The millennial generation around the world is also the segment that drives all the increasing use of online video, including Esport, primarily viewed physically or online at Twitch or Youtube.

According to a new report from Limelight Networks called State of Online Video, young people between 18-25 years in both the U.K. and Germany countries consume 4-7 hours of online video a week. In strong contrast to this, all other age groups in the same countries only watch 1-2 hours of online video weekly. In France, more than 1 out of 4 in this segment watch over 10 hours of online video per week on average.
In fact, male Millennials watch more Esport and online video content than traditional sports, according to the report, and the young men’s idols are often either streamed from Youtube and Twitch or skilled Eports players.
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Morten Vogelius, responsible for brand activation and partner at Fragsters says

“At Fragsters we are incredibly proud of our growth and development in 2017. Our vision has, since the beginning, been to become the best place for Esports players and at the same time the best place for business partners and sponsors and I feel that by every day that goes, we come closer to realizing this.”

Photo by Simon Bjerre

Over the past few years, Fragsters has grown exponentially and currently employs nearly 20 Esport talents and enthusiasts with a broad field of expertise and specialist knowledge within Esport, strategic consulting, fire activation, events, PR, social media, content production and much more.

With Danish core values ​​like innovation, quality and culture, Fragsters mission is to be the preferred partner for Esport talents with a dream of becoming Esport stars. At the same time, Fragsters wants to become the preferred partner for companies with a goal of increased awareness and preference among the highly-expanding tech audience found within Esport.

In addition to strong sporting achievements, including winning a number of Danish events including the first official Danish championship in Counter-Strike in April 2017, Fragsters has achieved valuable partnerships in recent years, including Samsung, DriveNow BMW city cars and MM vision, which is Denmark’s largest PC producer, in addition to legal advice and consultancy services from Dahl Advocates of Contractual Relations and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) within tax and auditing.

For more information and potential cooperation, please contact:

Morten Vogelius, Business & Media Partner at Fragsters.
Kenneth Goldy, Finance & Esport Partner at Fragsters.

Fragsters is founded by a professional team with over 20 years of experience in IT, online marketing, sales and management.

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