Interview with rtA – Copenhagen Games 2017

Interview and article by Social Media Manager, Nadia Østdal and Sara Jung

As the newest team member, how did the team welcome you and how do you feel you contribute to the team?

They have been really good to me. They are all 4 really good and ambitious and I could already from the beginning feel their commitment. I feel that I bring a lot of firepower and calmness that the team needs. We have been bootcamping for four days before Copenhgen Games and I already feel that I know them a lot better and I think we can improve a lot in the future starting now.

What do you expect this year at Copenhagen Games?

Copenhagen Games is the biggest danish esport event and im really looking forward to coming and show people our worth. We have been working hard towards the event in the short amount of time I have been a part of the team but I feel that we could do some upsets against better teams. I, of course, expect that I can perform well and help the team towards succes I think we’ll go far in the tournament, so we can leave satisfied and keep working towards higher goals.

How did you prepare for Copenhagen Games?

Talking about the individual practice I have now put a lot more hours in the game than I used to. That includes deathmatch, pracc og demo-analysis with the team. We talked through a lot of the stuff that needed to be talked bout at our bootcamp. We have gotten a wider map-pool and I am sure we can play really good Counter-Strike on basically every map.

Who do you consider to be the favorites to win Copenhagen Games, and why?

In my opinion the favorites for Copenhagen Games would be the german team BIG that have world-class players and a lot of experience. Other than them the swedish team Epsilon, who has been showing enormous improvement in the latest year or so. It’s going to be exciting to see how they do, even though they recently lost their main-awp/starplayer in Draken. I also think that the danish team Tricked could go far in the tournament and surprise us all. They have been looking strong online lately.


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