Samsung and Fragsters enters partnership

One of the world’s largest electronics companies Samsung, enters partnership with the professional Danish Esport organization Fragsters. Among other things, the goal is to support the development of young Danish Esport talents.



Jimmy Voss, Head of IM (IT & Mobile) at Samsung Electronics Nordic, explains why they have chosen to work with Fragsters and what they expect to get out of it.

– “At Samsung, we see a big future in Esport, and like many of our projects, we want to support young people and development. Innovation and the belief in succeeding are important in both Esport and the future community. It’s values ​​Samsung shares and therefore we think that Fragsters is a good match. “

“Samsung sees Fragsters as an organization that is ambitious in their approach to sport as well as work in the development of young talents. In addition, they help to activate young people in a new and exciting way, which, in many ways, makes Denmark a pioneer country within Esport. “

Morten Vogelius, responsible for brand activation and partner at Fragster’s also comments

“At Fragsters, we are exceptionally proud that Samsung has chosen to enter a partnership with us. It is a huge honor for both players, employees and management for the stability, innovation and professionalism that permeates the entire organization. At the same time, it is a strong indicator of the legitimacy of Esport in Denmark when a company like Samsung chooses to enter into a long-term partnership.

– All international studies show that Esport will continue its strong growth forward – the potential for both Fragsters and Danish Esport is therefore enormous. “We look forward to activating players and creating engaging content that delivers measurable results, along with Samsung as an integral part of the partnership,” concludes Morten.

Over the past few years, Fragsters has grown exponentially and currently employs nearly 20 Esport talents and enthusiasts with a broad field of expertise and specialist knowledge within eSport, strategic consulting, brand activation, events, PR, social media, content production and much more.

With Danish core values ​​such as innovation, quality and culture, Fragsters mission is to be the obvious choice for eSport talents with a dream of becoming full-time e-sport stars. At the same time, Fragsters wants to become the obvious choice for companies with a goal of increased awareness, interest and loyalty among the highly-expanding tech audience within eSport.

In addition to strong Esport achievements already, including winning the first official Danish championship in Counter-Strike in April 2017, Fragsters has achieved valuable partnerships in the past year with, among others, DriveNow BMW city cars and MM vision, which is Denmark’s largest PC producer, in addition to legal counseling and consultancy services from Dahl Advokater withon contractual relations and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) within tax and audit.

For more information and potential cooperation, please contact:

Morten Vogelius, Business & Media Partner at Fragsters.
Kenneth Goldy, Finance & Esport Partner at Fragsters.

Fragsters is founded by a professional team with over 20 years of experience in IT, online marketing, sales and management.