Why join us?

Why should my team and I consider applying at Fragsters?

First of all we are glad to see that many great e-sport organizations already exist today. We believe that the industry will best develop with rivalry, however unfortunately, since the industry is still in its early development stage, many teams and players also work in an uncontrolled work environment. Some team and player contracts are, if not directly illegal, not perfectly legal either and both the team members and organizations are poorly protected from lack of payments, injuries, bankruptcy and so on. As both the founders of Fragsters are experienced professionals and understands the local laws and business regulations it is much safer and controlled for everyone.

Also we can offer the following benefits which most other organizations do not:

1. All won prize money is yours to keep, entirely! Financial stability and guaranteed payments on time

2. We cover all your expenses at both online and relevant LAN tournaments, including transport, accommodation and tickets

3. Assistance in planning, transportation and accommodation for tournaments

4. Legally binding contracts approved by a renowned law firm in Denmark

5. Access to support from skilled e-Sport coaches and last but not least to proudly represent a Danish organization.

How can Fragsters help us succeed?

Fragsters is about helping gamers and e-sport talents achieve success by coaching and financing young talents to become great e-sport athletes. Fragsters can offer development and unity by connecting charismatic leaders, skilled game coaches and players with the financial stability needed to succeed.  We spend a great deal of time on screening the players and teams we think will have the most potential to make the transition from amateur to professional.


Why should we trust Fragsters?

By having played Counter-Strike ourselves for the last decade and forming teams of our own at a young age, we know how hard it is to make the transition from amateur to professional e-sport athlete, when most players balances school, exams, friends, girlfriends, family and so on.

We know what it requires to succeed. It requires so much more than just five/six great players. It needs leadership, commitment, stability and financial coverage over time to become truly great.

We can also help presenting our business case for your family and such. This is often a underrated step towards making it through and going pro. Everyone needs to back up the project.

Last but not least the owners of Fragsters have through many years acquired a thorough knowledge of the Danish- and Nordic business markets, which includes rules and regulations. Because of that you can feel rest assured that we will live up to the highest standards possible for a professional cooperation between teams and sponsors. We are very ambitious and wish to push the bar even further in what can be achieved in this area of expertise.

How is Fragsters different from other e-Sport organizations?

Fragsters offer a 360-degree support model for you and your team. We will involve ourselves in what you have to say and what needs to be overcome in order to achieve success. Unlike many other organizations who just help limited financially, maybe even from another country with very little physical contact. We really believe that this project can and will succeed in close cooperation with you.

Is Fragsters for everyone?

Since our goal is to secure a very high quality in everything we do, unfortunately Fragsters is not for everyone.

All players on your team must be able to play at the highest level in Denmark combined with the skills and dream to become a full time professional e-sports athlete. Besides the obvious player skills Fragsters wish to build up the personal brand of all players via TV, PR and more, these plans will be discussed in detail if you meet the required expectations. Either we reach out for you or your team ourselves or if you think we have a common dream, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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