Why support us?

What is e-Sports?

People say that a picture says more than one thousand words. We believe that a surround sound video says more than one thousand pictures!

Why should my company invest in e-Sports now?

e-Sports has through several years experienced exponential growth, and the industry is now to be taken seriously among international brands who wants to reach the attention of the favorable audience in the male target group aged 15-29 (M15-29). This target group in particular has rapidly been moving away from consuming traditional media (TV, radio and print) over the past 2 years, however even online banners are also losing incremental effects due to the widespread usage of ad blockers among this audience. Many of these digital natives grew up with a smartphone and social media in their hands, being able to, and expecting to, do whatever they want, when they want. They use Youtube, Twitch, Snapchat, Reddit, Facebook and attends physical events. Involvement now will mean potentially higher customer lifetime value.

By investing now and reallocating your budget accordingly, you can expect immediate effects from your investment whatever marketing KPI you may have on your dashboard, both above- and below the line marketing. Stop investing in flooded media channels with rising CPC, these channels doesn’t work anymore. The target group says that the number one reason why they use ad blockers is due to the fact that ads are annoying and interuptive.

On a global scale, the number of e-Sports enthusiasts compares well to mid-tier traditional sports. Currently, the popularity of e-Sports is on par with sports such as swimming and ice hockey. According to a recent study, by 2017 the number of e-Sports fans will come close to that of American football, making it truly mainstream.

Invest now while the prices in the industry are still low and harness the power of great branding and content in the near future.

Read more about the Danish history of eSports here (in Danish):

Which target group will my Fragsters sponsorship apply to?

We like to call them “big spenders & heavy digital media consumers”. These customers are enthusiasts who are already extremely valuable for big brands, digital media providers & gaming peripheral manufacturers. Participants & viewers of e-Sports are more likely than the total population to have a Netflix or Spotify subscription, to have a high or potential high future income, a full-time job and to shop a lot more frequently online. This target group is also much more likely than other gamers in general to spend big on the latest hardware and electronics devices.

The audience will also likely consume more convenient or fastfoods and drink more soda/energy drinks, care, drive and dream about sporty cars, more often visit the cinema, spend more on clothes and travel more, generally enjoying life every day.

The TNS Gallup target group segments of this audience:
Primary: De Moderne Individorienterede (in Danish)
Secondary: De Moderne (in Danish)

This target group in the Nordics is also likely to follow other kinds of sports, including soccer, handball and so for strengthened synergy between your current or potential sponsorships.

Why should I support Fragsters instead of others organizations?

Visionary companies and organizations will look upon our proven business track record and the younger age of our foundation, players and contributors as an competitive advantage which makes us more agile in a market that is growing at an immense pace. The economic foundation, knowledge and stability of this organization is also unique. We are committed to succeed and believe we have acquired the market knowledge and skills to succeed in the long term. We can help you set up the right KPI for our cooperation, even if you are measured on awareness in the target group, preference/intent, visitors on your website or so. With a strong enthusiasm and commitment to this project, we will reach our goals. In the future Fragsters will sign more talents, more teams and feature more games as we grow, making it even more potentially interesting for you as a sponsor, however we will never make compromises on quality, so our growth has to be controlled. Innovation, culture, trust, quality and focus on attracting talents are some of our most important values. The owners also work unpaid, so all potential sponsor-income goes directly to raise the salary of the current players or buying new teams, making it a non profit organization.

Why should I invest in a Fragsters sponsorship instead of gaming events in general?

The e-Sports economy and key components of professional gaming can succeed in a cooperation between teams, publishers, events and leagues which brands and consumers tap into as schemed in the figure below. Usually a general event, league or publisher sponsorship is attractive as a awareness builder, however to tap into the emotional bond and create true unmatched loyalty to your brand, you should partner up with teams who can assist you on building a strong longterm content plan. Fragsters has that knowledge and are willing to extend the sponsorship into whatever we can agree on. Unlike most other e-Sport teams Fragsters wishes to have a few but close sponsor relationships, where we grow together, not beside each other. We believe that we can best support you and both succeed that way.


What are the most popular games to invest in?

Based on the number of unique sessions during a calendar month (dec 2015) surveyed by New Zoo market research among almost 10 million games in 40 countries, the most popular games were:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Both games have been around for several years and is often updated and improved. It seems that light and inexpensive games that can be run on pretty much any PC are the most popular. League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are both built around the community, a receipe which proves to be very succesful. However Counter-Strike is the fastest growing game at the moment, especially in the Nordic region with Denmark and Sweden as the frontrunners.

The growth of Counter-Strike is exponential:

Month: Average active players during a month: Max numbers of peek players:
December 2012 14.079 27.553
December 2013 46.788 96.298
December 2014 183.589 367.634
December 2015 377.447 823.694

Who are we?

The founders of Fragsters is a professional team with more than 20 years of combined business and corporate management experience within IT, online marketing and sales at your disposal. In addition to business qualifications, the founders have been involved in the growth of e-Sports since the release of the original version Counter-Strike, having attended numerous tournaments as spectators and watched the industry grow throughout the past decades. This long time dedication is the driving factor behind the vision of Fragsters.

Quotes from other brands succesfully investing in e-Sports already:

“At ESL we’re all extremely passionate about esports. As the world’s largest esports company, we aim to support the community move toward achieving its full potential with every event we host. With legendary esports moments from all across the globe we are setting benchmarks and this is something we hope to be able to say for years to come”. Heinrich Zetlmayer, Managing Director, ESL Global

“HyperX has been involved in esports for almost a decade now and it’s always been an important part of our company. Supporting gamers at all levels has always been one of our core principles and we have seen explosive growth largely due to the huge influx of new gamers coming into the PC gaming market. Esports becoming mainstream has been a huge factor for our growth and we are excited to see what the future holds for us and the industry”. Lawrence Yang, Global Business Manager, HyperX

“Esports is a major part of Intel’s marketing strategy with regard to gaming enthusiasts. They are websavvy people who know exactly how to traditional marketing, do not watch TV, use ad block in their web browser and consume their entertainment almost entirely ondemand.  Our answer to this was to partner with ESL to create the Intel Extreme Masters, a series of competitions which visits every corner of the world and has become one of the primary sources of entertainment for millennials around the world.  The Intel Extreme Masters has proven more than worth the spend for Intel”. George Woo, Event Marketing Manager, Intel

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